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This Website was created to show the oeuvre of one Bunka Master with over 30 years of experience.

As you visit the Gallery of Japanese Bunka Shishu Art - Japanese Thread Art you see a variety of subjects finished and framed with passe-partouts and under glass appearing before your eyes.

They are categorized in subjects e.g. Geishas, Landscapes, Birds, Flowers, Dragons, Trees, Japanese Scenes, Animals and Originals from East to West.

They resemble oil paintings but are in fact at closer inspection embroidered with many levels of embroidery techniques pending on the designs of Bunka Manufacturers primarily Tokyo Bunka designs and Matsuhato designs.

The motivation to promote this abundance of embroidered Art pieces came with the realization that actually to date relatively little is known of this form of Japanese embroidery in Europe.

The paintings are For Sale with the exception of those indicated by Not For Sale. Regardless if these Bunka paintings end up in private collections they will still remain as part of this public gallery.

Bunka Shishu Art can give you years, decades and even centuries of enjoyment.

Happy Bunka stitching!

Based on the fact that this is an Art Website it is non-political.
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