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Bunka Shishu Art - History Of Bunka Embroidery

The World Within Your Threads

Bunka palette of rainbow threads,
How many pictures do you hold?
A mountain scene, or a valley stream?
The world around you to unfold.
One quarter pull or two four pull
With Satin stitch or Wedge,
Your needle glides, you cut and stitch
With blending, curve and edge
Flowers, Birds and things of Beauty
Shades of yellow, blues and reds
Just load your needle, start to stitch
And see what lies within your threads.

Bunka Embroidery is recognized as 'The beautiful Japanese craft' with the artistic sense, ideas and the technique of Mr. Yasuhiro Kiso who is the President of Tokyo Bunka Embroidery Co. Ltd. as well as a distinguished Bunka Master Teacher.

Bunka Embroidery is known in Japan but also in the West as 'Painting with thread'. Bunka Shishu Art is Japanese Thread Art.

It has a long history dating back to 1920, Taisho era in a Japanese traditional year, when Mr. Toyoji Fujisaki and Mr. Sougetsu Kiso, the founder of Tokyo Bunka Embroidery Co. Ltd., traveled to China where they admired the beauty of Chinese embroidery. Inspired by this Chinese embroidery and returning to Japan, Mr. Fujisaki created Bunka Embroidery with the designs of Mr. Kiso.

Since then silk embroidery was taught and practiced by many Japanese.

After 10 years of experimenting with threads and needles since silk threads were too breakable and would not accept the different shades of dye Mr. Kiso created the Tokyo Bunka Embroidery punch needle to stitch the designs on canvas. Later the development of Bunka yarn by KAO enhanced the quality of the stitching. This Rayon lily thread is the most versatile thread for this form of embroidery. It can be used not only in its usual ½ pull form but in a ¼ pull resembling silk thread and also ¾ unpulled, waxed and glued, polished and can even be brushed out in so-called Fluffy designs which are great for kids.

Bunka Artists use this specialized embroidery needle with the rayon threads to create very detailed pictures that look somewhat like oil paintings. Typical subjects include Geishas, Landscapes, Birds, Flowers, Dragons, Trees, Japanese Scenes, Animals and there are also Original designs. Later Western Landscapes were also designed, works of famous Western Painters and Biblical scenes creating a diverse range of gorgeous and colorful embroidery in the style of paintings.

Unlike other forms of embroidery Bunka is fragile and is presented as ART rather than clothing adornment. The finished work is framed with passe-partouts and placed under glass to be hung as paintings on the wall. The Bunka Embroidery 'painting' resembles an oil painting, however on closer inspection you will see the beautiful art of thread stitching.

Bunka Embroidery Kits can be bought on Internet to produce this unique artwork. There exist several degrees of difficulty or levels of expertise from Basic, Intermediate to Advanced pending on lessons from certified Bunka Teachers and/or Bunka Masters, some with even over 30 years of experience.
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