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I was introduced to this Art Form at the Japanese Cultural Centre in Toronto, Canada in 1984 after a period of recuperating from the Burn Centre at Wellesley Hospital. My pulses needed physiotherapy to regain their flexibility and what better way to achieve that than upgrading from Cross-Stitch Embroidery which I practised since I was 6 years old to Bunka Shishu Art. Embroidery is a good exercise therapy which helps loosen the tendons since you steadily and continuously push the needle back and forth through the cloth to stitch the threads in.

In Netherlands on one of my visits I had bought a small package of a Bunka Shishu Art Lotus Flower design in an embroidery shop where they were introducing this form of embroidery. There were however no instructions enclosed nor the tool most needed, the Bunka Punch Needle, therefore I was unable to do anything with its threads since they did not fit in any regular embroidery needle. I traveled with it across Canada back and forth until arriving at a Spring Festival at the Japanese Cultural Centre in Toronto, Canada and there I found a Bunka Shishu Embroidery booth.

The owner Pauline Tanaka became my teacher and later I was introduced to a charming Bunka Master Teacher named Louis Hewitt who brought this Art Form to Canada. In the years following I also became a teacher myself and started to give courses in Toronto, Canada. To date I have made about 85 Bunka Shishu Art Paintings and became a certified Bunka Shishu Art Level 1 Teacher by 1987.

So not only is this creative embroidery therapeutic for the embroiderer but you can also produce professional pictures of Art to put in competitions, sell and/or go up in level of expertise. You can also proudly diplay them on your own walls or give as gifts to Family and/or Friends.

In 1996 I returned to Netherlands, Europe again and began in Netherlands a Bunka Shishu Art Course which starts with a Fluffy design and works its way up from Basic, Intermediate to Advanced levels of expertise. Having retired I finally had the time now to stitch more advanced designs which I did over the last 18 years.

I found out that practically no one had heard of Bunka Shishu Embroidery in Netherlands, and most of Europe for that matter, so I decided to open up the eyes to those interested in this wonderful world of 'Painting with threads' which has fascinated me and thousands of Thread Artists in primarily Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, China and Japan.

By contacting me you can discuss the possibility of purchasing some of these paintings yourself or I can give you advice on how to contact a Teacher. I, myself, am not planning to give anymore courses.
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